Valet Parking at Stansted FAQs

Stansted Airport Meet and Greet | VPS FAQs
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Valet parking at Stansted FAQs

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Who is Valet Parking at Stansted?

We are a professional,well established company, who have been parking
cars at Stansted Airport
since 2002. We were one of the first car
parking companies to offer Stansted Meet and Greet parking. All the team at Valet
parking Stansted are share owners in the company and are mature professional
people with at least six years experience in the car parking industry, we do not
employ temps or agency staff, we treat your car as if it was our own!

What happens if my return flight is delayed?

If your flight is delayed coming back into Stansted, we will wait for you to land and
return your car to you.(Even if it is outside our usual meeting times) We feel a delayed
flight is bad enough and do not make an additional charge like other car parks.

Can I make a booking the same day I travel?

Yes you can, as long as we have availability! Just call us on 0844 8044747 and we will
make every effort to fit you in.

I do not know what car I will bring?

No problem just go ahead and make the booking and just contact us with the details
once you have them.

My flight times are just outside your opening times, are you flexible?

We try to help our customers whenever we can, if you need us to meet you
10/15 minutes before or after we start or finish then we will, so contact us and if we can
we will help you.

Where do we meet you?

On your out going trip we meet you at the "set down area" which is right in front of the terminal, It is the closest point to the check in desks. When you return we meet you in
the "Pick up area" which is approx 100 meters from arrivals. The two areas that we meet
you are the closest points that we legally can! they are closer than where Baa`s
meet and greet service meet and much closer than the red short stay car park
were some meet and greet companies meet you!

Where is my car parked?

Your car will be taken to one of our car parks, which are secure compounds fenced
and locked each night. For security reasons we do not publish the address
of our car parks.

How far is your car park from the Airport?

We have two car parks one is 5 miles from the airport and the other is 10 miles. Ask the
other companies how far their car park is,we believe we are the closest
Stansted Meet and Greet parking
company to the airport.

Are you insured to drive my car?

All our drivers are fully insured to drive your vehicle up to a road risks value of £50,000.
As per any car park when your car is parked it is left under your own insurance.

How do I know you are legitimate?

We have been in business since 2003 and have hundreds of satisfied customers, fill free
to contact them for a reference. we are more than happy to process credit card
payments so you will be covered by your credit card company.All our staff have been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau.

How does valet parking work?

It is very easy! You just make a booking by e-mail the web site or telephone, we then
send you a conformation which has instructions and a dedicated contact number
which you call when you are twenty minutes away from the terminal, you then drive
to the "set down area" which is right in front of the terminal. We will be waiting to meet
you with a luggage trolly, when we see your car we will come over and
introduce ourselves. You then go and check in and we take your car dirctly to our
car park. On the way back you just call us when you have collected your luggage
and we meet you in the "Pick up area".

Why should I use your Stansted meet and greet parking service?

1, We are well established,experienced and professional company who have
hundreds of happy customers who use us time and time again and recommend us
to thier friends and family.

2, All the Valet parking at Stansted team have shares in the company, so they have
a vested interest in giving you the best service possible.

3, We do not use any temps or agency staff who do not careless about your car.

4, Our car parks are the closest Stansted airport meet and greet car parks to the
terminal they are safe, secure and locked every night, they are only 5 miles from the terminal.

5, Our meeting points are the closest points that we can possible meet you,closer
than any other company, giving you the shortest possible distance to the
check in desks and from arrivals.

6, We do not overbook meeting times making customers wait.

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